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Medical Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss with HCG and Detoxing!


HCG Weight Loss

Both Sublingual and Injectable Pharmaceutical grade HCG!

Over the last 6 years Dr. Morse has consulted with many people on weight loss plans for weight loss and general health. As a big proponent of whole unprocessed foods, he realizes that with the busy lifestyles that we lead today, cooking 6 meals a day often is not an option. This is why we offer different plans for different lifestyles.

1. HCG Weight Loss
2. Nutritional Detox and Cleansing programs to lose weight
3. ISAGENIX 30 day cleansing system


See the latest promising science on Dr. Oz:

Absolute Health has now worked with hundreds of people for the last 7 years on this well known diet plan. With Dr Morse's Naturopathic and nutrition background, this plan fits right into his practice with healthy paleo-lithic (foods of our ancestors) eating habits.

You can google HCG and find thousands of websites talking about this diet and/or selling "HCG drops" with a variety of other products. They may have good intentions, but only seeking a diet plan and not addressing your full body's health can lead to frustration and potentially ill effects of strict dieting. *Results may vary per person

Dr. Morse's Approach

When you come in to visit Dr. Morse for your first visit, the first 30 minutes will be reviewing your full health history. From there, the second 30 minutes will be reviewing the diet thoroughly, taking measurements, vitals, doing a body composition analysis and a giving a B shot.

Follow up visits will be at every other week. Each visit you will review the prior weeks success, potential other recommendations given and a B shot given.

Not Just A Diet...

When evaluating you on the first visit and then following up as the schedule shows above, if weight loss is slow for you, then most likely you have a hormone imbalance somewhere in your body. This may be a thyroid disorder, adrenal gland hormones (DHEA, Cortisol), blood sugar imbalances (insulin), human growth hormone (HGH) or your reproductive hormones (Estrogen, Testosterone, Progesterone).

Dr Morse often recommends the following lab panel to help fully assess the current state of your hormones and overall body health. By finding these results and treating with nutritional supplementation, strict diet and/or hormone therapies, general health can be greatly improved. Weight loss improves as well. *Results may vary per person

Hormones often tested! (not a requirment however)

Metabolic Panel

  • CBC (red and white blood cells) / Ferritin (check for anemia)
  • Vitamin D
  • Testosterone / Estrogen / Progesterone (reproductive hormones)
  • DHEA / Cortisol (stress and metabolism)
  • Insulin / Blood Sugar (Diabetes)
  • HS-CRP (marker for potential risk of heart disease)
  • Thyroid (Free T3, T4, TSH, Reverse T3, Antibodies)
  • IGF-1 (human growth hormone)

The HCG diet is a physician guided weight loss program for those people who have tried the fad diets and other weight loss programs with limited or no success.

This program utilizes healthy non-processed foods that our body’s genetics have been used to for centuries. We are not selling prepackaged meals or a quick fix to a lifelong problem.

Here at Absolute Health Inc., Dr Morse is offering a complete education on healthy foods to maximize weight loss. This is combined with the extremely successful, safe and easy to administer hCG hormone.

Lifestyle changes, food changes and the added benefit of hCG give your body what it needs to up-regulate your metabolism and burn calories more efficiently.

Burning calories more efficiently = Continued weight loss and eventually a stable healthy weight. *Results may vary per person