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Dr. Morse,

The Testosterone works great I feel so good! Thank you for helping me with my thyroid as well. I feel better than I have ever felt. In New Mexico for Xmas and I am telling my twin sister because she has the same symptoms and I want her to be healed. She is going to see a naturopath and test for antibodies. Merry Xmas to you and your family!! Let's schedule a follow up some time :)




I thought I would shoot an email with an update as to how my first week has gone. I have seen improvement in the following:Sustained energy, I don't hit my 2:00 wall, which I hit hard! I got back to exercising yesterday and had good energy to make thru the end.

Night anxiety is gone, this is huge for me because my anxiety will hit about 2:00 am and then I am awake the rest of the night.

I now wake up feeling rested.

I have daily headaches and those are gone! I thought my headaches were because of my tight neck/shoulder muscles and my work space.

I feel as sense of calmness, I am not irritated and wound up.

O-ne funny thing I experienced the second day is I got really frustrated and upset with my sons school and was going talking to one of the staff and my ears got really hot and turned bright red:)

Thank you,

Deana Jochimsen


When I first started seeing Dr. Morse he was on Pearl Street. When the office moved to Coburg Road it wasn't even a consideration to see someone else. It is soooo worth the drive.

First I would like to say this place has the homey touches of Alicia, Dr Justin's wife, and I feel comfy, cozy and taken care of from the moment I walk in the door. I can't sing enough on the praises for Dr. Justin and his staff. Starting in the waiting room the offer of water and a warm neck wrap says this place isn't your typical doctor visit. Dr. Justin is attentive, listens to what you say, and helps come up with a treatment plan that works. This place feels more like a spa than a doctor's office. The best of both worlds. Every friend I have recommended has been so very pleased.

I have a systemic illness which is very serious and Dr. Justin is helping me to manage this without the 'standard' treatment of chemotherapy. We are seeing great progress. Between regular doctor visits, raindrop massage, infrared sauna and microcurrent treatment I am getting help with both the physical and the spiritual. He has many natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals available. It's nice to be treated as a person instead of a 'patient'.

Thanks for taking care of me :-)

Arlene Bader


What I have to say about Dr. Morse and the HCG program:

For anyone that has struggled with their weight, I recommend this program to all! It is fast and extremely effective. I have fought my weight for 19 years and nothing has worked.... Until Droctor Morse and the HCG program. He is a very good listener and supportive. Thhe combination has made me succesful. I strongly urge you if you are needing to lose weight, do something for yourself and your health. I totally recommend Dr. Morse and the HCG program.

D. Gulpan


Dr. Morse, Thanks for keeping us all healthy.

Mrs. Oregon 2009


I started taking my dental care very seriously in 1985. Losing a tooth,due to a car accident, woke me up to how important the condition of my mouth is , and how it affects the rest of my health. Old news now,but was a mystery to me then. As a result,I became a fanatic about my dental hygiene,and have been very particular about who was in charge of taking care of my teeth. I have been very fortunate in that regard,and have known a couple of excellent hygienists. However,none have been as conscientious,sincerely caring,and professional,as Ms.Sutton. I am so lucky to have her as my dental health expert. I know I cant be the only patient of Absolute Health,to be as grateful as I,and will continue to be in her caring hands. I will give recommendations for her,to anyone I can. Thank you so much.


Terry Hodgin


Every 3 months I have my teeth cleaned by Tammy Sutton RDH, EP at Absolute Health Medical Center. My experiences have been so positive that I want to tell you about it. First, Tammy has great expertise. She has the most up-to-date equipment, and I have found that she knows what is needed to make my mouth be healthy and feel good. My teeth are also whiter than they were before I started going to Tammy. Additionally, she is an upbeat person and provides that little bit of inspiration to enjoy your day regardless of what came before or will occur after. All of those things together would be more than enough to keep me happy and—oh yes, the prices are very reasonable—but there is more. As part of the services at Absolute Health Medical Center, each time I get my teeth cleaned, for no additional charge, I am entitled to a neck warmer, immediate glass of water, warm hand parafin treatment and one hour in the private beautiful dry sauna. (These amenities are optional, not required, but are kindly offered.) For me, the day is like a trip to the spa. I’ve gone to get my teeth cleaned—which I did indeed do—and I leave feeling relaxed and so content. Thanks Tammy and Absolute Health Medical Center!

Diane Thurlow J.D., M.S. Clinical Counseling dba Healthy Marriages


Hi Dr Morse, I saw you a few weeks ago for botox injections and promised I would let you know how I reacted, the answer is just perfect! I will be seeing you in the future and I have recommended you to friends.

All the Best,

P. Morgan deVos R.


"All is moving along well. My energy and focus have improved. Blood to the lower parts is also better. I get erect in the mornings on a consistent basis and the evenings are more distant in being able to maintain an erection. Time may tell and I predict this relates to my diet, fitness and stress. A goal is to have better function in the evenings. Have a nice evening."

Mr. M. Eugene Or